Donald In Blue

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Donald In Blue is 100% handmade by our florist.

I promise we'll never spend another Christmas apart



Width*Height: 40cm*35cm


33 stalk Rose (signifies affection 三生三世,一直爱你)


1. Bouquet are 100% handmade by our florist. Arrangement of every bouquet will differ from picture illustrated.所有的花品都是100%由花艺师亲手制成,每束花束的排列方式与图示有所不同。

2. Flowers are seasonal, appropriate replacement will be based on florist discretion to replace if necessary.鲜花有季节性,如出现短缺,花艺师将会选择合适的花材替代。

3.Bouquets are photographed from different angles and lighting, so the colors will vary slightly from reality. 花束的拍摄角度和灯光不同,所以颜色与现实略有不同 稍暗或者稍亮。